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  • Part Type:Remote
  • Part Number: 00111203302
  • Condition:New
  • Board Number:XRT136
  • TV Brand:Vizio
  • TV Model:E65-F0, E65-E0, E43-E2, E75-E1, E50-E1, E80-E3, D50F-F1, P65-E1, M75-E1, E55-E1, E55-E2, M65-E0, E50X-E1, M50-E1, D70-F3, P75-E1, D24F-F1, D32F-F1, D43F-F1, E65-E3, D60-F3, P55-E1, E60-E3, E70-E3, E65-E1, E75-E3, M55-E0, M70-E3
  • Important Message:This is a genuine Vizio remote. It has the Vudu, Netflix, Prime Video, Xumo, Hulu, and iHeart Radio Buttons.  It also has WatchFree in the middle.  This is a new version of the XRT136 remote.
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