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  • Brand : Seiki
  • Part Type : Main Board
  • Part Number : 42T0399-CVB42001
  • Board Number : CVB42001
  • Panel Number : LSC400HJ01-801
  • TV Model 1 : SE40FY19
  • Important Notes : 42T0399 is found on a sticker on the main board, the power board is part number: CVB42001. Tamper Proof Stickers have been added to parts, no refund/exchange/return will be accepted if sticker is missing/damaged.

  • Removed from a working Television with a broken screen
  • Genuine Seiki Main Board 42T0399-CVB42001
  • Panel Number LSC400HJ01-801. Panel Numbers are especially important for Main Boards and T-Con Boards, Be sure to double check yours matches.
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