Part Type:   

LED Strips, LED Backlights     

Part Number:   

6916L-2486A / 6916L-2487A

Panel Number:   


Board Number:   

75" V16 ART3 2487 REV 0.1 6 B-Type, DDF76W J2, 6916L2487A     

TV Brand:   


Important Message:   2 of each strip is included.

PLEASE NOTE:  LED Strips / Backlights can work in many Brands and Models.  Please make sure your Panel number from above matches one that is listed and also that your part number matches. Ordering a LED strip because it looks right will not ensure that it works.  We test all LED Strips before sending them out.     

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6916L-2486A / 6916L-2487A

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