The TV ChopShop is a small company located in Lansing, MI.  We are in the business of salvaging New and Used TV parts from Televisions with broken screens and/or other issues.  We recycle all of our waste in an eco-friendly manner by giving our scrap to a local recycling company located right next door to us in Lansing, MI.  


The company was started by Kelly Lewter in his own home.  He purchased a few TV's with broken screens with the intent on selling the parts inside and recognized the practicality and business opportunity when the parts sold for a nice profit.  He started off with a few TV's and continued to invest and grow his inventory; and now he's renting a large warehouse space with an inventory of over 20,000 television parts.  


The TV Chopshop employs 6 people, including the owner, at the moment.  Everyone has a job and place in this small company, whether it be tearing apart TV's or listing the parts to be sold, everyone puts in their best effort possible.  Everyday we're learning more and more about the TV Repair business and are constantly trying to be competitive by bringing new ideas and products to the table.


Our mission statement is simple:


"Provide our customers with quality New and Used TV parts for easy repair, Recycle waste in an eco-friendly manner, and continue to grow and expand our business."


We're not looking to be millionaires, but retiring early would be nice.