2 Year Warranty Program


Our 2 Year Warranty will work as follows:



- To purchase the warranty, check the empty box next to "2 Year Warranty".


 - The cost of the Warranty is 10% of the cost of each item you are purchasing it for.  


- For example, if an item costs $10.00, then the Warranty will be $1.00.  The $1.00 will automatically be added into the price once the box is checked.


- A serial number or sticker will be written on the items and this will be your proof that a 2 year Warranty was purchased for the product.


- In your order, we will send a 2 year Warranty information packet with your serial number, price, part number, and directions on what to do in the event that our part fails.


- In the even that we do not have a replacement part, a pro-rated refund will be given.  Example: If your part lasts for 1 year, we will refund half of the purchase price of the item.


- The defective part and information packet must be sent back before a replacement or refund will be given.